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SGA Golfers,

Your Board is actively looking at ways to increase Membership.

Many of our older members cannot play any longer due to declining

health or spouse or family problems. Something we all may face

eventually!  Also we have members who have passed away.

We had an article in the Senior Forum monthly newspaper

and in The Canton Repository which was a

feature article concerning the Senior Golf Association in hopes of

generating interest in your SGA.

This Friday May 13 th we will have an Ad in the Golf Section

of the Repository urging additional memberships.

In conjunction with these efforts we are offering the following

enticements to our present members to expand our membership.

Any member who brings in one new member,or an old member who

did not play in 2015,will receive a free $7  2016 membership.

If a member brings in 3 new or previous members who did not play

in 2015,he will receive a free $25 2016 Banquet Ticket in addition to his

Free Membership.

Talk it up among your golfer friends, who are not
members,and encourage them to join us !

Thank You


We are taking Orders for SGA Logo Shirts.
(Powder Blue)

Small to Large---$15.50
XXX L--$17.50
XXXX L--$20.00
Mail your Check to
P.O.Box 36762
SGA Hats will be available at
all Tournaments in 2016
$4.00 each
3 for $10.00

To get your Tee Time or Playing Partners
Go to the Tee Times Page and Click on
Your Division.

Flight "A" Handicaps are from 0 thru 12
Flight "B" Handicaps are from 13 thru 18

Flight "C" Handicaps are from 19 thru 23
Flight "D" Handicaps are from 24 and up

The latest Handicaps may be accessed on the
Handicap page.

Handicaps will be updated
EVERY Tournament.
Based on each players' performance.
You may
change Flights per your scores.

All Tournaments will be Computer generated.
May play with your Partner/Friend under
The Following Rule.
You may play with a player in a different Flight
but the two players compete in the lower
Flight. Example : An "A" Flight player,playing
with a "B" Flight player would both compete
in the "B" Flight. This eliminates the advantage
a lower Quota player would have by playing
with players who have much higher Quotas
to meet. For instance a "C" player with a 15
Quota playing in "A" flight where players
need Quotas of 24 to 36 has a distinct
Advantage !! Its all about Fairness.Thanks


Aug. 29 th.
8:30 AM

Tam O Shanter
Canton Ohio
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