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Remember that your Entry must be received 10 Days
before each Event.
In September we will start at 8:30 AM.
The Cost for the Annual Banquet is $25/Person.
Besides the meal choice of Steak,Chicken or Fish,
which includes Salad,Roll & Butter,Baked Potato,
Rigatoni,Peppers,Dessert,Coffee/Soft Drink
we have Included one free drink at the Bar,
a Flower for the Ladies and a Glass of Wine
with the Meal.
Door Prizes are awarded as you enter along with
a sleeve of Golf Balls to each Golfer.
Cash Drawing Tickets will be sold
3 for $5. All Cash is Awarded in $50 increments,
we do not keep any!
At Our Annual Banquet we strive to have a
Door Prize for every attendee. While we are actively
canvassing for Prizes, if any member has or would
like to contribute a prize just get in touch with
Ernie Scozzarella at 330 499 3239 or 330 316 9662.
All Gratuities are appreciated !!
If you know anyone or a business who may
want to contribute please let Ernie know.
Make Plans now to attend with your wife or
The September Tournaments will use Handicaps.
For the 9 hole Scramble side the Handicap for
a Team will be based on the handicap of
the lowest handicap player on the team.
To get your Tee Time or Playing Partners
Go to the Tee Times Page and Click on
Your Division.

Flight "A" Handicaps are from 0 thru 12
Flight "B" Handicaps are from 13 thru 17

Flight "C" Handicaps are from 18 thru 21
Flight "D" Handicaps are from 22 and up

The latest Handicaps may be accessed on the
Handicap page.

Handicaps will be updated
EVERY Tournament.
Based on each players' performance.
You may
change Flights per your scores.

All Tournaments will be Computer generated.
May play with your Partner/Friend under
The Following Rule.
You may play with a player in a different Flight
but the two players compete in the lower
Flight. Example : An "A" Flight player,playing
with a "B" Flight player would both compete
in the "B" Flight. This eliminates the advantage
a lower Quota player would have by playing
with players who have much higher Quotas
to meet. For instance a "C" player with a 15
Quota playing in "A" flight where players
need Quotas of 24 to 36 has a distinct
Advantage !! Its all about Fairness.


Sept. 15 th. 2014
8:30 AM

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